Bruce Ignatiou

Director & Selling Principal

20 years of experience and performance in an industry speak volumes, Bruce Ignatiou brings this and much more. Known by the many clients who have enjoyed his high level of service, Bruce exudes trustworthiness, confidence and a sensible approach keeping his clients feet on the ground and ensuring an excellent result is delivered every time.

Over the years, Bruce’s tenure in this district has seen a large number of repeat and referral clients enjoy his service. This is a clear statement of the comfort people experience in working alongside Bruce.

Negotiation is often questioned in this industry. Skill and training is a fundamental part of the LJ Hooker culture, add to this Bruce’s unmoveable position that his vendor is his client, and you’re onto a winning strategy.

What our customers say

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Bruce lgnatious is one high calibre real estate professional and we will always appreciate the great sale price he managed to secure especially as my 81 year old mum's home was located on a busy main road. He really eamt his commission by not only attending to his usual sales duties but going the extra mile with supporting us with our dogs' safety. When we were out and visiters came to inspect with busy traffic nearby Bruce would put both dogs into our second car and ensure they had water and air and then put them back into the house when the visitors left. He is a kind, polite and friendly person and nothing was an effort to make our selling time as smooth and stress-free as possible . To make matters even more exciting for us is that Bruce's quoted sale price was $100,000 more than one of his competitors and he managed to sell it for $81,000 more than was expected. We highly recommend Bruce to any potential vendor.

Susan Hughes

Ben and I would like to put it to writing how highly we think of you as our agent for selling our house at West Pennant Hills. We've been wanting to upsize our home long ago. However, when I'm pregnant with our second baby as well as looking after a toddler who runs around and messes up everything in the house everyday, selling our home would be a nightmare! Therefore, we took the bold move of getting a bridging loan, and very quickly we found the house we wanted at Cherrybrook . What we didn't realize was that not only you were the listing agent for selling to us our new family home, you would also become the listing agent for selling our old home for us. When you came in for us to sign the contract of purchasing our new home, you immediately commented to us how our current home could sell instantly, because you have just the right buyer who's looking for houses like ours. Sure enough, the very next day, you brought in a buyer who fell in love with our house and decided to buy there and then. We were pleasantly surprised that our home could sell so effortlessly , and this means bridging loan is not so risky after all, as the buying and selling happened almost simultaneously! As Christians , we are truly thankful to God how things just happened. And yet at the same time, we recognize that things could not have happened without you, Bruce, working as our agent. Your professional eyes spotted the selling potential of our home, and your rich and precise knowledge of your client data base matched us with just the right buyer! It was because of all the effort you've been putting into your work consistently, that made the selling of home so effortlessly! We warmly recommend you to anyone who is in need of a real estate agent, and we trust that they will find working with you the same pleasant experience we've had.

Anna & Ben

Dear Bruce, I am writing to say a huge thank you for such a fantastic effort with the sale of our family home. Under the very extreme and testing circumstances you and your team were polite, friendly and extremely diplomatic and efficient. You made what is normally a trying experience much less stressful for me and I appreciated that enormously. You were always professional and pleasant to work with throughout all our dealings, especially on our open home appointments and demonstrated that you enjoy what you do and take pride in doing an excellent job. There was no compromise in the quality of service you provided. You were a brilliant ambassador for your firm and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. Once again a huge thank you for all your help and guidance.

Cynthia Pietrasanta